Pepsi & Whiskey


Pepsi & Whiskey

Pepsi was born on the 22nd February 2018 during a very Cole spell. Mom gave birth to her and two sister in a compost bin they were lucky to survive. I adopted her and her sister Whiskey.
They both settled in quickly Pepsi adopted me and whiskey adopted my husband. Pepsi believes she is part retriever if you throw a soft ball for her she will bring it back to be thrown again. She loves to snuggle up by my side and her favourite past time is pestering me for food and treats.
Pepsi and Whiskey are both house cats so we have three cat trees, 4 litter trays and cosy blankets all over the house as beds for our girls.
Due to Pepsi obsession with food we purchased the Wopet feeder to keep her intake under control, both girls love the feeder and wait for it to dispense.


Pepsi & Whiskey




4 Years

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