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Murphy & Matty & LeMay

About Murphy & Matty & LeMay Murphy is a golden retriever. She is a year and a halfShe loves to play fetch and cuddle. Matty is my Siamese cat. He’s a boy. A little over 3 years old. LeMay is also a Siamese cat. He is also a boy. He’s…
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About Titus Titus is a 4 year old male mini Australian shepherd. He loves to chew on bones, play fetch, and chase squirrels. He loves soft toys, and constantly hoards them in his bed. It’s not uncommon to find 10 toys in his bed, but he never destroys them. We…
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About DeVito DeVito is 6 years old . I fostered him when he was 4 months old and wound up adopting him, of course ! 😍 He loves his collection of hedgehogs (all time favorite toy ❤️) His next favorite thing is his WOpet “Treat Machine”, only slightly obcessed, lol.We…
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