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About Milo Milo is a rescue kitty born in June of 2020 on the streets of Quebec. He is very mischievous but a gentle boy.. we adopted him when he was almost 6 months old and started his training to be an adventure cat the same week we got him.…
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About Mello My fur baby is a female cat name Mello. She is about 3.5 years old. She loves chasing laser pointer, tossing her springs, ping pong balls, and small mouse toys, and rolling ping pong balls on the tiered toy that we bought her. When she is not playing,…
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About Ocean We rescued Ocean when she was a stray kitten wandering our street and chasing butterflies. She now spends much of her day happily running around the house hunting “fairies” (lights and shadows on the walls), though she hasn’t caught any yet. When she’s not looking for fairies, she’s…
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Lionel & Cameron

About Lionel & Cameron His name is Lionel. He is 11 months old and his favorite toys are fresh milk rings and his rainbow mouse toy. He is a cuddle bug who purrs so hard that he squeaks at the end of each breath, and he absolutely loves car rides…
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About Puddle Puddle is turning 4 on April 29th 🙂Puddle was found living under a shed and was the last kitten in his litter to be adopted because he was so feisty! He is a very smart kitty. He likes to ride on my shoulders and play hide-n-seek. His favorite…
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About Caspian Caspian is one year old, and a super sweet cuddle buddy. His hobbies include following us all over around the house, and cuddling up for tummy rubs. He loves to supervise every activity, whether it be sitting on the counter while we cook, or watching while we do…
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About Talulah Talulah is a 11 month old blue Lynx point/snow tiger siamese mix. She was rescued at around 6 weeks by a local rescue. Her mom’s owner moved, and they did not allow cats, so they left her, her mom, and brother on the street to die. A local…
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Murphy & Matty & LeMay

About Murphy & Matty & LeMay Murphy is a golden retriever. She is a year and a halfShe loves to play fetch and cuddle. Matty is my Siamese cat. He’s a boy. A little over 3 years old. LeMay is also a Siamese cat. He is also a boy. He’s…
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About Stevie Stevie was found in a ditch and we rescued him at 8 weeks old. We named him Stevie after Stevie Nicks, because the foster parents thought he was female, but the vet told us otherwise. Luckily, the name Stevie still worked for a boy! Now he lives with…
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