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Do puppies miss their moms

Did you have to take a new puppy home? The first night they always cry a lot because they miss their mother, their brothers and the place where they were born. This is perfectly normal, the puppies are in a place that they do not know, that does not smell…
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Does your pet drink enough water?

It is already known that water is of great significance to humans, and up to 60% of the human body is water. But how about pets? There’s no doubt that drinking water is incredibly important for a pet’s health, especially when the weather gets warmer. However, it can get difficult…
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What Is a Cat’s Whisker?

We know that if a cat shows its belly to you, it means it trusts you. Additionally, we love to rub its soft belly. After all, the soft belly of a cat is of great temptation to most humans. But personally, a cat’s selfie with its whole facial whiskers would…
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