Do Dogs Shed More in The Summer?

If you’re going to share your house with a dog, prepare to deal with some dog hair in your house. Being a pet parent, you might want to know, “do dogs shed more in the summer?” Significance of Dog Shedding Shedding is completely natural and all dogs experience a particular…
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how much water does a dog need

How Much Water Does A Dog Need?

Wondering how much water does a dog need? Well, it’s fascinating to know that every cell, tissue, and major organ system in your dog’s body needs water to function properly. Water is essential for your dog’s digestive system, blood circulation, waste filtering, and body temperature. How Much Water Does A…
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dog food to help dog lose weight

The Best Dog Food to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Just like humans, overweight dogs often face various health problems, and weight issues can aggravate existing ailments. Much as preventing weight issues is recommended, it’s never too late to start a weight loss program with your overweight furry baby. Knowing how to help your pet lose weight is just as…
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how long can you leave a dog alone

How Long Can You Leave A Dog Alone

We all love our dogs, and there’s no denying it! However, life’s daily hustle and bustle can force us to leave our dogs alone at home. Whether it’s for work, errands, or even to take a break, there will be times when you have to leave your furry friend lonesome.…
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how to get dog to stop eating poop

How to Get Dog to Stop Eating Poop

If you’ve ever wondered why a dog eats poop, you’ve come to the right place. It’s not a habit you want to encourage, chomping on a bit of horse poop during walkies or having a preference for their kitty siblings’ litter tray. You’re probably disgusted by it. To begin, we’d…
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