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Can cats see in complete darkness?

We all know that cats have much more excellent hearing and vision than we humans. Even though many people could believe that cats can see things even in a completely dark environment. But in fact, it’s not the truth. Without any light, like humans, cats can see nothing. Light bounces…
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What Is a Cat’s Whisker?

We know that if a cat shows its belly to you, it means it trusts you. Additionally, we love to rub its soft belly. After all, the soft belly of a cat is of great temptation to most humans. But personally, a cat’s selfie with its whole facial whiskers would…
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Do cats dream?

Hi there, pet owners! Have you ever thought about why your kitten or cat is waving its paw, twitching whiskers, or drooling while sleeping? Have you ever wondered if they dream just like humans? Well, apparently, just like us, cats are also mammals and have a similar brain structure. This…
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